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"These ladies were beyond impressive – they can sing two different styles of music, they can play their own musical instruments, they can abandon those instruments and sing accapella [sic], they were humorous and theatrical, and they gave the audience a truly unforgettable night of music. [...] There were moments the eclectic blending made me forget that I was listening to opera. [...] My mother and I left the performance elated, and musing about how powerful classical music can be and how cool it was to see it combined with a more popular genre like country."

- "Opera Cowgirls a triumph at DVO", Sullivan County Democrat


"This group’s one-of-a-kind music strips opera of alleged elitism by employing Nashville-approved vocalizations, which find a nexus in the human heart. Americanized, democratized and down-home, purists will hear the high art, and lovers of Waylon and Willie will hear the heartache. A survey of a few of their numbers will try to illustrate this oxymoronic admixture, but ‘ya jes gotta hear ‘um!” [...] All of the women, professional opera singers, demonstrate a twanging facility sure to satisfy any boot-scooter."


- "Opera Cowgirls Redux", Keep Amarillo Artsy

"Opera and Cowgirls? Two words you probably don't normally associate with each other, right? But today we're lucky enough to have some of the Opera Cowgirls with us in the studio..." 

- "Opera Cowgirls come to town", FOX13 Tampa Bay


"The Opera Cowgirls would describe themselves as the Three Tenors who met the Dixie [sic] Chicks in a bar in Brooklyn and they all had a shot of whiskey."

​- "Opera Cowgirls Perform at Arts in Sunset",

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